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Gobos and Lekos

Gobo lights create dramatic effects on walls, sidewalks - even sides of buildings! - by using patterns to project light in specific designs ranging from the wildly abstract to amazingly true to life. Customize your gobo... signs... even monograms for any celebration you can imagine.

Gobo light systems allow you to easily brand your event by producing a customized shape or image against a wall, floor, ceiling or any other surface. The gobo image can be stationary or rotating, one-color or multi-colored. The gobo is a piece of steel or glass that is custom-cut to resemble the desired image. The gobo attaches to a light similar to a spotlight. Speak to one of our friendly sales consultants and learn how gobo lighting can add another dimension to your event.

Call today and one of the representatives from our Lounge Furniture Rental department will be happy to walk you through designing your event space from start to finish. We look forward in speaking with you to discuss your Lounge Furniture Rental needs.